New Study Reveals: Mom Drivers 50% More Dangerous than Teen Drivers; 3x’s more likely to crash with a baby in the car

Are these accidents preventable? The NHTSA says “YES”

Do you worry about losing a loved one to a thoughtless driver?

You may have a more dangerous risk to worry about—mom behind the wheel.

Why are most mom’s dangerous drivers? Simple.

Mom’s fall into 3 of the top preventable causes of car accidents—

Too many distractions, too little sleep and a child in the backseat.

Mom’s constantly face distractions, the #1 cause of accidents in the US, because of screaming children, playing DJ and pressure to “get there fast”.

Wondering how dangerous it is to “drive distracted”? 

Consider this:
A study by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that every day, “8000 accidents occur, 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver”, resulting in more than 3,200 preventable deaths each year.

What distraction do mom’s list as the #1 reason for taking their eyes off the road?
It’s not her cell phone.

A recent study revealed that 64% of moms admit to committing the worst offence possible--turning around to soothe a child. This may seem like a harmless everyday act until you realize that this “simple task” is akin to jumping out of your car and allowing it to travel 176 feet without a pilot.
You don’t have to think hard to imagine how many cars, animals and debris can cross your path and cause an accident in 176 feet—because it is half the length of a football field.

Not to mention the fact that mom’s driving with a baby in the backseat are 3x’s more likely to cause an accident than other drivers—making them 50% more dangerous than new teen drivers.

"Looking at this data was like reading the results of a teen-driver survey, in terms of the unsafe habits [moms] have: driving fatigued, getting distracted by passengers and technology, always being in a hurry," says Dennis Durbin, M.D., a pediatric emergency physician and scientific director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

If those statistics worry you, consider this:
Moms get less sleep than over-the-road semi-truck drivers.
In fact, according to a study by the NHTSA most moms are piloting a car filled with children on less than 6 hours of sleep.
The result: Mom’s cause more than 56,000 exhaustion related accidents per year.

Dangerous Driving Mommy’s
Just a Fact of Life or an Easily Fixed Dilemma? 

While many consider the danger to exhausted moms and their small children a ‘fact of life’, Rona Aharonson, CEO of Safe Drive Systems is determined to shed light on the truth.

“Mom’s will always be busy taking care of everyone else; that will never change. We believe they deserve the best options for keeping their family safe…”

Every day Rona speaks with moms around the country, challenging the status quo: “Mom, you don’t have to put your family at risk.”
How she has solved the constant distractions faced by the ‘exhausted mom’ may surprise you.

Safe Drive Systems is giving mom a new choice. “An affordable, easy-to-operate, collision prevention system that keep mom and her kid’s safe in REAL-TIME, no matter what kind of vehicle she drives.”

Why focus on giving mom’s new tools to stay focused on the road?

“Mom is the first to tell us stories about how our new Premier and Premier Plus systems saved her life”, explained Rona, “and the lives of their children. And many moms drive a car without following the NHTSA recommendation for using a collision prevention device.”

“That’s why we created a revolutionary system that can alert you to danger up to 460 feet in advance in any weather or lighting,”, says Aharonson,”and even keep you in your lane without taking your eyes off the road. Compatible with virtually any car.”

Rona Aharonson has taken this a step further, by working with insurance companies to get budget conscious moms a discount on insurance—so they can afford to make the right life-saving decision.
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